From Asset Management to Data Collection

Remote Aerial Surveys under the innovative thinking of Richard Allitt Associates have applied drone technology to the water and wastewater industry in a variety of applications. With the focus of water companies on environmental protection, improving services and keeping bills low, UAVs represent an attractive option as they offer huge time and cost efficiencies.

Apart from pipelines, other assets such as outfalls and sewer crossings can be inspected to spot signs of failing components, joints, pipework and beams. Again, UAV technology not only delivers quantifiable safety benefits (by removing the need for personnel to gain access to locations), but it also avoids the disruption and costs involved in time-consuming and expensive manual access solutions. Entire sub stations and assets can be inspected and recorded to unrivalled detail. On a larger scale, complex geographical areas such as river banks and coastal areas can also be inspected and surveyed – again with huge savings.

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