Richard Allitt Associates are pleased to announce that Remote Aerial Surveys has joined the steering group of CIRIA (The Construction Industry Research and Information Association) for the development of guidance in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in infrastructure asset management.

The aim of the project is to develop good practice guidance targeted at infrastructure asset managers and suppliers of UAV services.

Martin Allitt who heads up Remote Aerial Surveys operations said: “We are delighted to have joined this steering group for such an important industry initiative.  We have seen the industry grow tremendously over the past year and it is vital that guidance is developed in order to ensure proper understanding of both opportunities and limitations within the use of drones in the construction industry”

There are multiple ways in which UAV’s can be used at all stages during the construction process, from planning, during and post construction as well as on-going maintenance.  To find out more about the services RAS can offer please click here


The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) is the technical centre of gravity for the construction industry. CIRIA aims to be the leading provider of guidance in the infrastructure sector. CIRIA has been active in this community for many years and the guidance produced has played an important role in shaping the understanding and the adoption of the techniques developed over this time. Further details can be found via their website