Remote Aerial Surveys a Finalist in Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

Remote Aerial Surveys is delighted to have been selected as a finalist for the Innovation & Technology Award in the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2016.

The Winner of this Award has to demonstrate how innovation has led to an improvement in their business. This innovation can be around the nature of the product itself, the service offered to customers or the way they have used new processes to help them to establish or grow their enterprise. The awards ceremony on March 17th will see the very best of the Gatwick Diamond Business community come together to celebrate the achievements of World-Class businesses in a World-Class region. The awards presenter for the evening will be writer, actor and comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar.

To reach the finals the company had to demonstrate how we have developed a culture of innovation and creativity and show what has been the impact on turnover and/or profit through innovation or invention. We are excited about reaching the final as we feel it endorses the innovative approach we have taken with the business and the emerging UAV technology. At the outset Richard Allitt Associates bravely made a substantial investment in both people and resources to champion the new UAV service which uses a still evolving technology. We have established ourselves as a leading player in this emerging market becoming one of only 5 suppliers of this service to Network Rail and winning business from a number of high profile clients. The company philosophy has always been to look towards innovative thinking but the investment in this new and evolving market place underlines the commitment to this way of thinking.

As this service is in an evolving industry its continued success will only come from ongoing innovative thinking. The company is committed to leading the way and indeed was the first UAV operator to offer LiDAR data. The company has invested in a technical manager to ensure it continues to lead the way in innovation in this market. The company has shown itself prepared to invest in leading the way despite facing challenges such as those arising from the negative perceptions regarding UAVs or ‘drones’.

Winning this award would provide encouragement and recognition for all companies who are prepared to be early adopters of new and still evolving technology. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the awards ceremony on March 17th.