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Drones are ideal for carrying out inspections where access is difficult or dangerous such as for roofs. The imagery provided from our range of sensors goes beyond that which can be captured by other means such as aircraft or even manual inspections. Our highly skilled pilots know how to reach the areas of critical importance to your business.

Quite simply drones can reach areas that other methods either cannot reach or those that are only accessible with difficulty or may be hazardous. Drones can also be sent on repeatable flight paths to ensure a consistent pattern if repeatability is required.

We can offer live feed of your assets and infrastructure which means maintenance and repair teams can be more cost effectively and accurately targeted. Regular building or roof inspection from drones means that issues are flagged more quickly and priorities can be more easily identified. Regular inspection work allows for prompt attention to issues reducing the need for downtime.

Industrial inspections are not only a tool for repair and maintenance but they can also provide information to drive efficiency for example our thermal images can highlight energy wastage. A drone mounted camera can quickly identify issues enabling ground based staff to focus on resolving problems rather than searching them out. 

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