Tourism Attraction Survey- Tulleys Farm

Remote Aerial Surveys was approached by local tourist attraction Tulleys Farm, to conduct an aerial survey of their site in order to create a 2D map. Owing to the proximity to Gatwick this seemingly rural location presented a number of challenges. Being close to Gatwick meant that we would be operating in a controlled airspace. We therefore had to operate with our smaller UAV which weighs less than 7kg in order to adhere to CAA regulations.

This can be flown in wind speeds up to 17mph and at heights of up to 400ft. As with all our operations the UAV had to be operated within line of sight of the pilot, or within 500m, whichever was the lesser of the two. We currently have permissions to fly for two classes of UAV from the CAA, namely for multi-rotor UAVs below

We used high resolution digital cameras with stabilised and vibration free mounts. These cameras remotely captured downward looking images at pre-defined locations above the site to generate a range of varying imagery focusing in on different parts of the site as required by the client.

As it was a beautiful Sussex summer day we got some fantastic images of the buildings as well as a full detailed overview of the stunning maize maze. It took around a day to capture all the necessary images with a further days work to process the imagery as required by the client.

The images were captured in a number of formats, which are easily accessible through the most common computers or operating systems.