Topographical Survey of a Golf Course – Tandridge

Tandridge Golf Course

Tandridge Golf Course had engaged a golf course designer to develop an area of their land to create a new driving range. A detailed topographical survey was vital for the project to reduce the possibility of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues. In order to be able to proceed with detailed drawings the golf course designer needed a topographical survey of the land. Initially they were concerned that a UAV survey couldn’t deliver a sufficient level of detail but were soon reassured that it could deliver everything they needed and more.

Capturing data required setting out ground control points across their 6 hectare site taking care not to encroach on the existing golf course and any players. The data was quickly captured in around half a day making it an efficient and cost method of data capture. Back at the office a series of data products were produced to help with the driving range design and planning. From one single UAV survey we were able to provide them not only with a topographical survey suitable for export into CAD format but were also able to provide spot height and contour detail as well as a DSM. They also have a series of aerial images of the project prior to its start. The area can then be flown again on completion showing the transformation which will be important for club members to see.

Unlike with traditional land surveying techniques, UAV topographical surveys can provide the following data at no extra cost:

Geotagged photography of a site

RGB Point clouds

Digital elevation models

Our point cloud survey data, can also be processed and imported into BIM software such as Autodesk Revit & Archicad to create an intelligent 3D model. In this instance the client was able to get the bonus of extra data and proceed with their project far quicker than using conventional surveying methods.