Marketing Video of Ropsley Quarry – Centriforce


Ropsley Quarry, located near Grantham in Lincolnshire, is a sandstone quarry that ceased being active many years ago but now the owners intend to bring it back to life.  This required the installation of ecological fencing throughout the 19-acre quarry. Centriforce product was selected for the work.

The project required approx. 1500m of Herpetosure® perimeter fencing and a similar length of Herpetosure internal fencing to facilitate species capture within the quarry itself. The environmental fencing is produced from recycled plastic sheet manufactured by Centriforce.

The quarry has a history of 4×4 and motorcross trespass so using a vandal resistant product for the internal fencing was essential with the external fencing providing an effective perimeter barrier for years to come.

On completion of the job Centriforce wanted a marketing video to showcase their product. As the fencing covered such a large area viewing from the air was an ideal solution. Centriforce had worked with RAS before to showcase their product so they knew they could be assured of a quality video which would present their product in the best light and engage well with potential future clients.

It was a job which would have been not only very time consuming on foot but would also benefit considerably from an aerial perspective. Take a look at the video on our YouTube channel