Business Park Promotional Work – Impact Creative Services

Impact Creative Services are a leading marketing company often tasked with compiling promotional packages for business park developments. These types of development are very effectively marketed with the use of aerial photography and video, as these can capture features such as the site’s layout, aesthetics and geographic context (such as transportation links and adjacent land use). 

The company has been engaged by Impact on an ongoing basis to provide cost-effective aerial photography and video whilst achieving the unique angles and dynamic shots which can only be captured from UAVs.

One project we worked on involved taking aerial photographs and video on behalf of Impact for their client Countrywide Letting of their development in Braintree, Essex (top). This required large-scale photographs of the entire site as well as a series of low level video fly-throughs.

Another job was at Neath, South Wales which required photography and video of a National Grid site being marketed to property developers. The advantage of the UAV in this location was its ability to fly over the River Neath and its surrounding marshland, being able to capture photos from a location few other platforms could.