A view from above

Our aerial images will add a dramatic and unique perspective to any of your marketing and promotional material. Aerial photography is suitable for any type of property, business or tourism venue including schools, hotels and golf courses - indeed any business that wants to promote itself as an attractive destination. Remote Aerial Surveys is based in Sussex but covers the whole country and has great experience in capturing the main coastal and heritage sites in the county as well as working nationally.

It is often the case that images of a property from the ground can have limitations and do little to set your destination or venue apart. Aerial photography and videos provides an entirely new perspective.Using our UAV, we can get a variety of different angles bringing properties to life in a new way. Our experienced pilots are also highly creative and can advise on new perspectives and ways of looking at things.

It may sound expensive but actually its not, UAVs can be flown for a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft producing images of a quality and detail that has never before been possible. Although each job has to be priced separately depending on your requirements and location we think you will find our charges very reasonable and the quality of the images obtained will be well worth it. Just call us on 01444 401840 and have a chat with our friendly team; we would be happy to quote for any job no matter how small you might think it is.

UAVs enable us to reach new angles so any images we take are unlikely to be the same as you have had before. We use high quality professional cameras which can capture photography from a variety of unique angles, including aerial close-ups which are not possible from any other platform. With this technology, we are able to effectively provide both oblique and vertical imagery. Our camera mounts can be controlled around three axes with a precision of +/- 0.05° and unlimited rotation. They are also fully stabilised to allow for complete image steadiness, regardless of the movements of the UAV (for example during flights where the wind is particularly high).Images can be captured in a number of formats, which are easily accessible through the most common computers or operating systems.

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