Infrastructure Inspections and Condition Surveys

What kind of Survey would be best?

At Remote Aerial Surveys we offer a range of different asset surveys from simple photography for routine inspection and maintenance through to highly sophisticated 3D models of assets which can be manipulated and viewed easily from an internet browser and can be rotated, zoomed in on and shared with colleagues and contractors.

Routine Condition Surveys

High resolution (20MP) aerial imagery covering the full extent of all of your assets which is then organised in Google Earth for easy viewing and assessment. Each photo is represented by a small icon over Google Satellite imagery located where the photo was taken. This allows you to quickly and easily find imagery without having to search through hours of video footage or thousands of photos.  With this you can check the condition of:

  1. Parapets
  2. Panels
  3. Gutters
  4. Flat roofs
  5. Skylights
  6. Lead flashing
  7. Pointing
  8. Windows
  9. And any other features that are visible from the air

The imagery is also very useful for planning works and conducting health and safety assessments

Advanced Asset Management Service

For large companies where data is even more critical to major investment and decision-making, we offer an advanced asset management service. This service includes

  1.        A Routine Condition Survey
  2.        Photo-realistic 3D model of your asset
  3.        Facility to access an online 3D asset management tool

By utilising innovative processing techniques, we provide 3D models of your buildings which can be viewed, annotated and shared with colleagues all within your internet browser. These models enable an effective health and safety assessment to be carried out and are useful as a tool to plan and review maintenance work.

View your assets easily from your internet browser. Rotate, zoom and share your models with colleagues and contractors

If you are already using asset management software, such as openMAINT, you can also import our 3D models into this software for a more comprehensive way to manage your assets.

Emergency Asset Response Service

After a severe storm your business can be at risk. We provide an emergency response service to quickly and effectively assess damage and target repairs to areas which have been affected the most. Carrying a range of sensors including visible and thermal cameras, we can quickly assess damage to help you make the right decisions.

With a live feed down to the ground, the inspection can be directed to the source of the problem in order to determine the scale and severity of the damage. This data can then be used to help plan rapid repair work to ensure your business is not affected.

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