Finding Clients to Share the Innovation Journey

Creativity is thinking up New Things, Innovation is doing New Things

Remote Aerial Surveys has recently been shortlisted for 2 Innovation Awards which made us consider what innovation actually means and how we can continue to encourage our clients to share in our innovative thinking.

Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or perhaps existing market needs. This is achieved through better and more effective processes, services, technologies or ideas from technology that are generally already available. Innovation is necessary in order to not only overcome challenges but also to make processes more efficient. To progress and prove our innovative thinking we need to work in real life scenarios.

LIDAR pod in use on one of our UAVs

The nature of innovation or being an innovative company is such that is a huge amount of effort that has to go on in the background to research, refine and launch new ideas. Having clients who will work with us and support this process is essential since the UAV industry is constantly evolving. This fast pace of evolution is largely due to the high level of innovative thinking that goes on not just at our own company but across the industry in general. Every day seems to bring a new use or improvement in service levels. Sometimes the client is the catalyst but more often than not it is through working with open minded clients we see things that inspire us to develop a better way of doing things.

In essence it is fairly simple for anyone to learn to fly a UAV relatively quickly but the skill comes in learning to fly them for surveying purposes and understanding what data can be achieved and how that can be improved upon.

Not everything develops as fast as we would like and there is no doubt we are reliant on finding clients who share our desire to innovate. Sometimes the project manager is not prepared to take the risk of doing something differently and may have the funding only to do things the way they have always been done rather than take a risk (towards being ultimately more cost effective.) We do understand the conflicting pressures but to be truly innovative you have to at some point try a different way of thinking about or doing something. While this may not always produce the results expected it will always bring fresh stimulus and new ideas and open up further possibilities.

It has been said that the biggest challenge of the 21st Century is our capacity and willingness to expand our brains and minds. To develop truly innovative 21st Century services we work best with clients who are open minded to solutions, flexible and are prepared to share the innovation journey.

We constantly ask what if…? What if you could survey your project faster? What if you could save considerably on project costs? What if you could have a 3D model of your building? What if you could measure and map from the air?