Multiple benefits during every project phase

UAV's are increasingly complementing other sources of survey data and information in the construction and civil engineering industries. Information gathered via a UAV can assist the construction and engineering process right through from pre-planning to marketing a property or commercial site.

  • Pre-Construction

  • Strengthen planning applications
  • Assess & document land condition
  • Plan/schedule construction works
  • Conduct health & safety assessments
  • Measure site dimensions
  • Use as Base Model for CAD designs

During Construction

  • Track construction progress
  • Verify Levels and positions
  • Measure stockpile volumes
  • Inspect hard to reach Places

Post Construction

  • To produce BIM data directly via Scan2BIM process
  • Record & Verify construction works/as-built surveys
  • Produce marketing material
  • Assess neighbouring land condition
  • Measure land movement

On Going Maintenance

  • Routine Asset Inspections
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluate damage and fatigue
  • Plan & schedule maintenance work

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