7 Ways UAV Aerial Imagery can promote your property

The property market is a competitive one and to make the best sales you need to hold the buyers attention. Catching a prospective client’s eye is only half the battle as their interest has to be more than momentary if they are to be moved to purchase. Property brochures can look very similar and key selling points are often missed at first glance. Promotional aerial video and aerial photography have previously been out of reach for all but the most expensive properties but UAVs have changed this; allowing a fantastic visual impact for minimal cost. Here are just some of the ways UAV aerial video & photography can boost property sales

Create a sense of Drama and Excitement

  • An aerial video or photographs gives potential buyers a clearer understanding of the property and how it fits in with its surroundings much more so than ground based shots. This is especially important when one of the selling points of a property is its setting e.g. picturesque countryside or village location. This is a real asset as people are buying into a lifestyle and want to be able to picture themselves not just in the house but living the life it brings with it. The true shape, layout, and overall size of a home can be properly and easily captured through UAV aerial photography.

Help with Visualisation

  • From the air there are unique angles and aspects of a property which just cant be seen from the ground.  Capturing a buyer’s attention is key, that’s why rather than flat dull images by using a UAV you can get closer and showcase absolutely everything.  A promotional aerial video will take into account which way the house is facing and make sure filming captures when the sun highlights the house in the best way. An aerial image can showcase all the buildings on a site and show off its unique setting creating a sense of drama.

Show Scale

  • A video can show more in a few seconds than you could in 20 photographs. Aerial views allow for a full 360 degree display of the house, along with the gardens, driveways, garages, outbuildings or whatever else is part of the property. Prospective buyers can get a sense of how the whole property works and its proximity to other features and buildings. All this helps buyers to engage with the property.

Pick out Key Features

  • Selling a home is an emotive business. It requires a potential customer being moved to the point of longing to make a life-changing decision and huge purchase! The purpose of an estate agent is to give a customer insight into what it would be like to live in a property. By showcasing key features from unique angles UAV imagery can provoke an emotional response.

Reach a Wider Audience

  • Having a video allows the property to be marketed on different online platforms. Having an aerial video opens up a whole new world of potential for online marketing. You can upload the video to social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook as well as easily embedding it in an existing website or property specific microsite. This increase in digital exposure potentially puts your property in front of a much wide audience.

Recruit Quality Buyers

  • With most property searches originating online, it’s important to present a property in the best possible way so that potential purchasers start to develop an emotional connection with what they’re viewing. This is where they ultimately decide to arrange viewings. This is particularly true for luxury properties where buyers are often pressed for time, and where that instant emotional connection is so important. By showing them more of the property prospective buyers will be more committed before they make a decision to view.

Reassure about Condition

  • As well as showing off your property at its best, an aerial video can reassure buyers about its condition. Having a video that shows every part of the property exterior allows potential buyers to see the quality and care that has been put into the upkeep of the building and grounds. A well-kept garden and tidy plot gives a brilliant first impression, especially if you can allow potential purchasers to experience a full view of the property on a sunny day. If buyers can see the care spent on the exterior it conveys the impression that the interior will have been just as loved, making them more eager to visit the property in person.


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