20 Things you can get from a Single UAV Survey

The possibilities are endless as they say, in terms of how UAVs can be used so we have created a list of just some of the things we regularly produce for clients. Depending on the type of camera we attach to the UAV one single low cost UAV survey can deliver raw imagery as well as a wide range of 2D & 3D data products.

The key benefits of using a UAV for a survey are that they are quick which ultimately results in cost savings yet there is no compromise in the quality of data that can be captured. Our focus is on the specialised mapping and surveys required by civil engineers and construction professionals.

However a UAV is just a platform for a sensor so it is important to understand from which ever operator you choose not so much what UAV they have but what type and quality of sensors they are attaching. While it is easy to list all the possible outcomes it should be noted that aerial photographic surveying is an exact and demanding science and a thorough understanding of photogrammetry is required to offer these services. Remote Aerial Surveys has this knowledge and experience and are able to supply examples of projects we have completed.

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1. BIM Ready 3D Scan Data 

2. Building Visualisations

3. RGB Point Clouds

4. Topographical Surveys 

 5. Digital Elevation Models

 6. Aerial Images

 7. Video Fly Throughs

 8. Thermal Images

 9. Multi-spectral Images

 10. Animations

11. Visualisations

12. Visual Mapping

13. Interactive 3D Building Models

14. Route Maps

15. Pre-Condition Surveys

16. IR Vegetation Maps

17. Roof Plans & Surveys

18. As Built Surveys

19. Condition Surveys

20. Progress Images